1st Foot Guards (1815)
About Us

The First Foot Guards Living History and Re-enactment Unit portrays Wellington’s Foot Guards at the time of Waterloo.

Drill practise takes place throughout the year on the first Sunday of each month at Dover Castle in Kent from 10:00 ‘til 13:00.  Exceptions from this rule include those months when the unit is engaged at an event elsewhere or when there is a special English Heritage event taking place at the castle.

The castle was home to many soldiers during the Napoleonic wars and at that time much alteration was made to the buildings; in fact historians of the medieval period still consider many of these changes as wanton vandalism.  Curtain wall towers were levelled and in-filled, the curtain wall was ramped with earth, the slopes around the castle were re-scarped, a new entrance was created closer to the town than Constable’s gate, the medieval tunnels were redesigned and, due to the demand for troop accommodation, the cliff casemates were excavated.

Should you meet us during a visit to the castle, feel free to ask us about the unit or our period in history.

Booking and Arranging Visits

Members of the unit are available for visits to clubs and societies and can tailor the content of a visit to meet most particular needs.  Small displays of this sort might include a firing demonstration subject to an appropriate area being available.  Our knowledgeable members will keep you entertained and enthralled with stories of daring-do from the Peninsula and Waterloo campaigns and give you a real feel of how it may have been to march as one of Wellington’s Redcoats. 

Visits to schools or voluntary organisations such as Scouts or Guides are always welcome.

If you are planning an event and you would like to have a fully functioning period camp with Napoleonic soldiers, surgeon and ladies of the period to add colour and excitement please contact us for a brochure. (See 'Join/Contact Us' Page)

New Members

There is always room for new members
.  If this period of history interests you please contact us or perhaps meet us at one of our regular drill meetings at the castle.  Our Quartermaster will help to kit you out to enable you to get started with the minimum of delay.  (See 'Join/Contact Us' Page)

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