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For the first time in thirty years, Barbara has been working in the western Scottish highlands, particularly around the Applecross peninsula and Loch Shieldaig. Since working at Glasgow School of Art from 1975, Barbara has felt an affinity with the west of Scotland; drawn to the western light, the beaches and craggy coastline there. Inspired by the history of the Pass of the Cattle – ‘Bealach na Ba’ - a single-track mountain road, rising to more than 2,000 feet above sea level – she worked ‘out in the rain’ to document this area. She became fascinated by the geological formations of the glaciated valley and the curves of the meandering streams. The intensity of her connection with the area can be seen in the vibrancy of works such as ‘An Cruinn-Leum, Low Tide’ . This group of Scottish paintings reflects a wintry atmosphere of silver-grey, purple and blue tones, and a feeling of being surrounded by water from the sea, coastline and sky.

Isabel Kidel

An Cruinn - Leum
An Cruinn-Leum - Low Tide
Applecross Bay

Bay Shieldaig
Bog Grass - Lochcarron
Ceathru Thaidhg

Creag a’Chumhaing
High Pass

Field Divisions - Benwee
Fields to the West
Inner Sound - Low Tide

Low Tide - Applecross
Mountain Burn

Opening to Raasay
Pass at Applecross
Raasay Light

West Shore - Shieldaig

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