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Barbara makes an annual pilgrimage to County Mayo in the west of Ireland. She feels at home there and enjoys the special light from the Atlantic – as seen in the luminosity of ‘Lacken Cross’. She immerses herself in Irish culture, reading about the history and listening to the local radio. She has become close to some of the local residents – she says they are “great talkers”, and the stories she hears from them in the pub are as important to her as the landscape of the surrounding coastline. She is concerned with how the land is managed and lives are led in these rural communities.

The Belmullet peninsula is one of Rae’s favourite spots, where she has painted the beautiful ‘Achill’ series. Other inspiring locations for Barbara include Ceide - a prehistoric site outside Ballycastle; and the Skellig Islands, Valentia Island and St Finian’s Bay, all overlooking the wild Atlantic Ocean.

Isabel Kidel

Achill Tide Doombeg
Ballinglen Icon
Bunnatrahir Night

Carrowteige - Gold Evening
Carrowteige - February
Ceathru Thaidhg

Ceide Spring
Dark Achill
Distant Rona

Field Divisions - Benwee
Fields to the West
Inner Sound - Low Tide

Lacken Cross
Low Tide - Fallmore

Night Lacken
St Finian’s Tide
Valentia Pass

Winter Tide - an Fod Dubh
Yellow Tide - Achill

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