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Barbara’s life as a ‘globe-trotter’ began when she received a travel scholarship from Edinburgh College of Art in 1966. She used this opportunity to travel in south western France and northern Spain, and was delighted to return there again for the first time recently. The strong Catalan culture of this area appeals to her independent spirit. This group of new paintings such as ‘Collioure’ has a strong golden yellow light, reminding us of the warmth and dryness of the land. Barbara is interested in the patterns created by the old vines cultivated in terraces on the slopes of the Catalan Pyrenees, such as ‘Banyuls’.

Barbara is continually passionate and dedicated to her work. She talks of travelling next to Cuba, Mexico and the Arctic – following the footsteps of her namesake Dr. John Rae, an explorer who was one of the first to navigate the Northwest Passage through the Arctic Ocean.

Isabel Kidel

Aubiry Vineyard

Collioure - Yellow Terrace

High Vineyard - Collioure
Le Boulou
Red Terraces, Collioure

St Genis
Vineyard at Fenouillet
Vineyard Shelter

Winter - Aubiry
Winter Vineyard

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